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Just Because You Own The House Doesn’t Mean You Can Take It Back Whenever!

Call today from a tenant looking for a new place to live.  During these calls, I always ask, “Why are you looking to move?”  Today the answer was, “My landlord said he lost his house and he needs a place to move -  he said because he owns the place, I have to leave so he can move in.”

Ai yi yi - if you are a landlord – you should know better.  If you don’t know better, you shouldn’t be in the business of being a landlord. 

If you are a tenant, and you

  • have a lease,

  • pay your rent on time,

  • haven’t violated any terms of the lease,

  • you can sit back and relax.. you won't have to move. 

But...could or would a landlord in this “predicament” make it difficult for you if you don’t move?  Sure, it could happen.  People in these situations who feel entitled, or feel that something is “theirs so they can do what they want” could make things difficult just to force you out.

If you decide to move out to keep the peace -  protect yourself:

  • Have the landlord put notice in writing

  • Get a reference letter ahead of time for your next landlord

  • Ask how and when the landlord intends to refund your security deposit (could be an issue with a landlord going broke)

  • Don’t wreck the home on your way out – two irrational decisions don’t make one good one.

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