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Tucson Vail Home Newly On The Rental Market ~ Three Bedroom ~ Den ~ Views!

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Comment balloon 2 commentsGabrielle Kamahele Rhind • September 08 2012 05:21AM
Tucson Vail Home Newly On The Rental Market ~ Three Bedroom ~ Den ~…
How High Do You Jump In a Landlord’s Market?
Things that make this a landlords market right now: According to Trulia rents jumped 5. 3% nationwide last month. Vacancy rates are falling with landlords keeping rents competitive. Demand is strong but there is not much new supply… more
Whatever "It" Is - Put It In Writing!
Listening to the local news a few days ago, a portion of the broadcast was dedicated to a call in for "landlord/tenant" issues. Local tenants could call in and get free advice to help resolve issues. The top two rental disputes… more
Tucson Rentals: Location, Condition And A Willing Tenant
Tucson has a strong rental market - but the prices are starting to decrease for various reasons - lots of homes on the market being the top reason. Getting your home rented for the price you want depends on three things: 1) Location 2)… more
Tenants Smoked In The Home? Now What?!
KGC Properties, LLC, has a no smoking policy for all our rental homes. Tenants sign a No Smoking Addendum and are made aware that the policy extends to anyone visiting the home All our tenants know that this is a security deposit deduction if… more
I Was Only Gone For 30 Minutes!
"I was only gone for 30 minutes… " and "my house was broken into… they took everything. ", cried a tenant this morning. 30 minutes. That's a long time for a thief - usually they are in an out in less time than that! … more
Old And Working Doesn't Mean It Will Hold Up And Keep Working.
When a tenant moves out, security deposits and what you can deduct become a sensitive issue. The main thing to remember is tenants are responsible for damage - but they cannot be held accountable for normal wear and tear. And this is… more
Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Property Manager?
Screening an applicant yesterday the current DIY landlord of this potential tenant was very honest and provided lots of details. My final question to him was, “Given the opportunity, would you rent to this individual again? ” Answer? No. … more
When Should You Start Looking For A New Rental Home?
Hopefully not for a while if you are renting from KGC Properties LLC All of my tenants are happy and unless they have extenuating circumstances, like a job transfer, our tenants tend to stay. If you are unhappy with your current landlord… more
How Fast Can You Rent My Home? About As Fast As Goldilocks Ate The…
I’m just kidding! T he real answer, that most home owners dislike is, “It depends. ” That said, if you really need to have a number – a good property manager can get your home rented in 30-60 days depending on several factors. The better the… more