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Biggest Problem Between A Landlord And Tenant?

Question: What is the biggest problem between a landlord and tenant?

  1. Landlord doesn't make repairs.
  2. Tenant doesn't pay or doesn't pay rent on time.
  3. Both think the other is wrong about (insert issue).
  4. None of the above.

It’s none of the above!  These are problems – no doubt – but all of these problems, and many more can be solved with one thing.  Communication.

Lack of communication is something, that if corrected and used properly - solves many, many problems not just with tenants, but with other people.

Even if your tenant doesn’t communicate much with you – it’s your job to still communicate with them.  Email, text, call, write a note, anything – just find what works for you and your tenants and do it!  Stay in touch is the best way to prevent problems!

Some ideas of things landlords can reach out to their tenants this month:

  • Lease up soon?  Drop a note or text and ask if the tenant intends to renew.
  • Haven’t heard from a tenant at all lately?  Email or call to say, “How is it going?  Need anything?”
  • Have a particularly great tenant?  Send a thank you note – or if it’s a really outstanding tenant – include a gift card along with the note!

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