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Doesn't Hurt To Ask! Or Does It?


Coming across this alot these days - people asking for everything they can think of - especially if they are buying or renting a home.  Why not?! Right?!  It doesn't hurt to ask is something I hear often.


Or does it?


Over the past six months, a tenant called asking for repairs of all sorts. Seems the thought process is - it's not my house so why should I do anything to improve it?  The owner is very kind and tried to address each issue best he could.  And then came a call a month ago.  The soap dispenser mounted to the kitchen sink broke - could you get someone over here to fix it?


The timing was perfect because the lease was up so instead, the owner provided the tenant with a 30 day notice.  What do we find out?  Tenant doesn't want to move - loves the home - rent is great, etc.  But too late - maybe he should have tightened that soap dispenser himself.


It's just fine to ask for things you want - especially for repairs if you are buying a home, or improvements, etc., when you are renting.  However, you have to be very careful to make sure you don't cross the line.


·        Ask for what you need

·        If you just want something to have it, be appropriately selfish but not greedy

·        Be prepared to give back in exchange

·        For renters - try to do a few things yourself: tighten a loose screw, if you break a light fixture - replace it with a nicer one, if the plumbing backs up, try plunging and a few things on your own before calling the landlord, etc., and save the major stuff for the owner!

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