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Does $25 A Month Really Make A Difference?

Sure!  I can name a few things that a difference of $25 makes for me, it's:

  • $300 a year in a savings account
  • two months payment for an Active Rain outside blog
  • a pair of shoes for my daughter - or school supplies for a needy child
  • payment for a monthly water bill
  • a monthly donation to a favorite charity

Talking with another property manager yesterday, we discussed rent prices. During the conversation, he said, "$25 dollars isn't going to make a difference so you might as well get it out of a renter."

OK.  I don't follow that mindset because I think, first of all, rent should be based on the market, the condition of the home, the area, etc.  I also don't believe in "getting it out of the renter" - but that's another blog post!

I believe $25 does make a difference and though it might be slight it's enough:

  • to widen rental prospects to five possible tenants over one
  • for a renter to pay for electric start up service
  • to pay for one day of daycare
  • bus fare for a month
  • for an urgent care co-pay

....and the list could go on!

From a renter's perspective - yes - $25 can make a difference between renting your property - or another one that is, well, $25 cheaper.


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