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Never Say Never??!! Maybe Just This Once!

2:00pm appointment yesterday.  Owner will just run home to get the dogs out before anyone comes.

It's 1:45pm.  I'm there - so are the clients - who arrived 45 minutes early - and are in the home, having coffee with the owner. They already "ironed out" details to a lease agreement - perhaps a purchase!!".

Owner giddly says, "I just love them!  Would you like something to drink Gabrielle?" After I hear what was agreed to, I'm thinking, you know, a drink sounds pretty good right about now!

For any owner who occupies a home that is up for rent or sale with a licensed real estate agent, I suggest leaving the negotiations in the hands of that professional. Lots of reasons come to mind as to why - but let's just name the big one - once you say or agree to something - taking it back can be hard and sometimes, impossible.

A few friendly reminders:

Never never let people in to your home that you don't know - even if your agent said s/he is meeting people at the house.  It's just not safe to open your door to strangers.  If appointments arrive much earlier than the scheduled time - it's OK if they have to wait outside a little while. 

Never never start negotiations, answer questions about the house, or begin discussing anything other than, "Hi, how are you?  Thank you for coming to see my home." if you do happen to run into potential Buyers or tenants.

Never never stick around the house "in case you are needed".  I know sometimes it's hot, or cold or rainy or (insert weather condition) - but in most cases for most everyone - there is always something or somewhere you can go for an hour.  A good agent will call and wait until you come home so you can ask all the questions you want!

Never never think that questions such as is there a 220 outlet, do those tools come with the home, etc., will be deal breakers.   I promise, its OK for your agent to say, "I don't know - but will find out and let you know."

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