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Quiet Enjoyment?  But It’s Just Not ANY Basketball Party!

Quiet enjoyment is a right to the undisturbed use and enjoyment of real property by a tenant or landowner. The right to quiet enjoyment is contained in covenants concerning real estate.

Last night in Tucson, after the UA Men’s Basketball team won their way into the Elite 8 – police had to close roads and put on riot gear to control out of control party people and fans alike.  But it wasn’t just on the streets of Tucson, for instance, in my quiet little neighborhood – you could have sworn the game was right across the street!  So much for quiet enjoyment!

It’s OK to party – but here are two basic tips to keep the peace in your neighborhood (and with your landlord!):

#1.  Let your neighbors know you are planning a party and let your guests know NOT to park in the neighbor’s driveway or on their property.

#2.  Tucson does have a noise ordinance – try to follow it – keep noise below 62 decibels (nothing louder than the sound of a sewing machine) and from 10pm until 7am – you basically shouldn’t be heard at all.

The noise ordinance law doesn't just apply to parties - it applies to barking dogs, using loud yard tools before 6am, etc.  Just keep it simple - have fun and be responsible so you and your neighbors can have quiet enjoyment year-round.

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